Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Lesson in Creativity

Throughout the trip, there was one occurring theme for me. I cannot be sure if it just stuck out because of recent classes or if I would have noticed it regardless, but it was the idea behind creativity. I saw it everywhere on this trip, from the way we managed to kill time and pack all our stuff into small bags to the corporate visits and daily reflections.

In the most apparent business focus, creativity was huge for KISKA. Their whole origination was centered on design: designing something new, designing something unique, designing something helpful, designing something desirable. Creativity was core to them. The START center needed creative people to keep them alive. Their purpose was to foster creativity and expand it through the country. Caterpillar created a university to establish employee passion and knowledge, another creative business technique. Chopard had some of the most creative movements in watches, Nestle was creative with their growth strategies and transition to a health and nutrition company, and we cannot forget the creativity in Zurich Financial’s showroom

Outside of the business realm, we probably had one of the most creatively entertaining bus drivers. The cities were filled with creative ways to expand through their already existing structures. We as travelers had to find creative way to get around and communicate in an areas that we were unfamiliar with and languages that we knew even less.

But, the biggest lesson with creativity was reminding us of the power of the original Creator. From the highest Alps to the lowest valleys entering France, we saw how God had no limits to what could be made through His power. Much like how Professor Rottmeyer taught us that as children we color outside the lines with no worry (and later conformed to stay in the lines), God continued with that spirit. There were no lines to stay in. We can see this in blue holes, the northern lights, waterfalls, pinnacle deserts, crystal caves and so on, all these places that just seem to expand out of logical lines, yet that was ok and so beautiful.

This trip really gave me a much needed revival on the appreciation of what is just around me on a day to day basis, and I feel this is something that can only happen when we’re pushed outside of our comfort zone and willing to accept and listen to the small lessons in front of us.

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth” (Genesis 1:1)

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