Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Can't you see my sign?!?! .... and on the right is the Chocolate Shop

This was our final night in Europe.  We did not have much time after the technical visits, but we did all go out to dinner together as a group one last time to a place called Café Paris.  This had to be my favorite dinner so far.  The food was very delicious; we had steak and french fries.  It doesn’t sound too spectacular, but I also cannot describe the way it was prepared and tasted.  The best part though was the company.  As a group, we have all grown to be a fairly close and the jokes never stopped this evening.

The highlight though was when a Spanish guitarist came into sing.  Our bus driver Marcel, a man with the best character you could find between his cheesy jokes and heavy accents, stole the show.  He stood up and began to sing, gaining applause from the café.  Marcel actually made it into the top 10 of “Luxingburg’s Got Talent show” with a personality that matches his voice. 

During the dinner we all ate, sang, clapped and really enjoyed a show more than dinner.  It was kind of sad to leave everyone and the dinner lingered on a little longer than usual, but at the same time, we all are ready to get back to our families and daily lives.

Tomorrow, I’m up at four to get to the Geneva airport for a plane ride to London.  Then the next stop is to Chicago where I’ll take a coach to my car in Fort Wayne, IN and the drive back to my home in Michigan.  I’m ready to get things back to normal, but I can’t really say that I’m ready to leave yet.  We were told that a good trip fulfills what you want to learn, but still leaves you to want more.  Well, I learned a lot and want even more. Hopefully, I’ll be traveling again real soon.

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