Thursday, May 20, 2010

Home Sweet Home

So, I’ve made it back to the states. It has been about a week since our MBA trip, and I can’t quite say I’m fully adjusted just yet. The biggest change right now is with my sleep schedule still. Getting up early isn’t so bad (it gives me plenty of time to get things done in the morning), but wanting to go to bed at about 7 or 8pm is a little depressing.

Once we made it back to Chicago, it was on a bus to Fort Wayne with the rest of the travelers to get back to our cars and families. From Fort Wayne I then had to make that 3 hour drive back home to Alma, Michigan. Talk about some jet lag. About 2 hours in I couldn’t take it anymore and had to pull over for a quick nap. I ended up getting back home at around 4 in the morning and then was back to work at 8. A day off would had been nice, but we had some business professionals coming to tour our facilities, and I didn’t want to miss that.

It’s a bit hard being back in the “American pace of life.” I remember Professor Rottmeyer told us it takes him a good while to get back into the normal pace of things, and I can see why. I really enjoyed the long coffee breaks with friends, strolling around the mountains, and having no stacks of papers on my desk. I wasn’t quite ready to leave but am so grateful for the experience.

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