Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Crowbars with Veal

As I posted earlier, today started out in Switzerland with breakfast and then it was onto a coach at 7:30 this morning.  From Zurich, we went straight over to Munich, Germany.  For the group to get there, the coach drove through the Alps.  I’ve seen quite a few mountains, but none quite like the snow capped highlands we went through today.  Once we finally got to Munich, it was about a 6 hour drive, we did a little sightseeing and then ate lunch at Ratskellar in the town’s square.  The restaurant was in a Gothic style building that used to be the town hall and the food (pork, sausage, potato salad, and an apple fritter) was absolutely delicious.  After that we walked around once again.  What else are you going to do in a foreign country? In the square I picked up some very nice Euro sunglasses… ok, they look absolutely stupid and are full of rhinestones, but they get a good laugh.  Also, I got a new camera so I can starting getting some pictures to post.  After wandering around Munich it was back to the coach and off Salzburg, Austria. 

We arrived in Salzburg this evening and are staying at a Best Western.  It’s a nice place, but for some reason they find it necessary to have very small rooms with the two smaller than twin sized beds pushed next to each other.  So, my roommate and I are going to get a little closer than we expected.  All is well though.

Here in Salzburg we haven’t had much time for anything too out there yet.  Our first mission was to find dinner, and so we headed downtown to see what was there.  We got a nice welcome: the first experience was seeing a man walk up to a BMW with a crowbar going down the road, stop it, starting yelling at the car in German, kick three people out and push the driver over to the side and drive off.  It was a nice warm hello from the city, and we figured we would head back to the hotel for dinner.  I got a nice scalloped veal with parsley potatoes and everyone else also had time to enjoy some homemade Austrian dishes.

After dinner, it was back up to our hotel room for a little rest and trying to get some work done.  As for right now, my travel roommate Brandon and I just got back from a small local bar.  We decided to walk around a bit and see what was out there.  One thing that's odd from my American perspective is that they tend to mix beer with sprite, lemonade, or Fanta.  It is also the cheapest drink to get. Tomorrow is another technical visit and then a formal city tour.  Until then, Zum Wohl!

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